You’re Using the Wrong Nicotine Level

You’re Using the Wrong Nicotine Level

I’ve heard too many people say things like, “It’s just not the same as tobacco” or “It doesn’t pack the same punch.” Well, this is probably because you’re not at the right nicotine level! If you used to smoke a pack a day and you start off with the lowest nicotine level, of course you’re not going to feel like it’s comparable.

My suggestion to you is that you try out the nicotine level that you think is right. If you find yourself asking “Do Electronic Cigarettes Work?” than you probably need to up the nicotine level. All the brands that we support will have at least 4 different nicotine levels, ranging from 4mg to 32mg. It all comes down to your personal choice.

You’re Not Inhaling Enough

If you find that your electronic cigarette isn’t working, than it could be that you’re not inhaling enough. Think about it, with your tobacco cigarettes you would choke down the entire cigarette in one sitting. But with e-cigarettes, you’re sitting indoors and you sometimes forget it’s sitting there. You don’t end up taking near the amount of puffs that you would with one tobacco cigarette. So puff on your e-cigarette more! Go outside and smoke like you’re smoking a tobacco cigarette, puff after puff after puff. You’ll soon find that you are answering YES to the question “Do Electronic Cigarettes Work?”

You Don’t Believe in Answering Yes to “Do Electronic Cigarettes Work?”

This is the strangest reason you may not think it’s working, but you may just not believe! You have to believe that electronic cigarettes do work or else you’ll convince yourself that they don’t. Just because they aren’t tobacco cigarettes doesn’t mean they can’t achieve the same effect or give you the nicotine you need.