Cigar Cutters

Cigar Cutters

The cigar smoking culture has been embedded in the American culture for over hundreds of years. If smoking a cigar is such an important event, then the accessories that help achieve it should be held with the same reverence. Cigar smoking accessories are important in the cigar smoking experience as they can affect the quality of the cigars and, as an aftereffect, the flavor and aroma of each cigar. One of the most important cigar accessories that one should always have is the cigar cutter.

A cigar cutter provides you a good, clean and smooth cigar cap each and every time; this is important because, if your cigar cut is not clean nor is it neat, then the flavor and the aroma of your cigar will be affected and your experience will be ruined. Not properly cutting a cigar with a quality cigar cutter and having a bad experience can have you missing out on one of the best and most relaxing hobbies in life.

Cigar cutters are available on the internet and local cigar shops. Cigar cutters are available in different designs and colors and, in some cases, they can be also be personalized to fit you. There are also cigar cutters that are multifunctional; some of them are key-chains and some of them come with cigar lighters too. There is a huge selection of brands and types of cigar cutters which can have the novice cigar smoker a bit confused as to which one to pick.

Whatever kind of cigar cutter you end up buying, what is important is that they perform well. Your cigar cutter needs to be able to cleanly cut your cigars. There are three types of cuts these different kinds of cigar cutters provide. They are the V Cut, the Hole Punch and the Straight Cut. This is where your personal choice lies, as the kind of cigar cutter you choose will depend on the kind of cut you want to have on your cigars. Keep in mind that the most common kind of cigar cutter available is the straight cutter.

Straight cuts come from guillotines which can have either a single or double blades. The double bladed guillotines are much more efficient as they provide cleaner and smoother cuts on the cigar. These are also the most convenient to carry around and it is also the cheapest kind of cigar cutters.