Chinese Smokers Consume One Third of the World’s Cigarettes

China leads the way not only in their mass bitcoin mining worldwide but in smoking rates as well. With an estimated 300 million smokers and is the leading producer of cigarettes. Dr Dongfeng Gu of Fu Wai Hospital in Beijing, China, told Heartwire’s Lisa Nainggolan that, “The prevalence of tobacco smoking has been continuously high in adult men (around 60%).”

China is the world’s largest smoking nation and a large contributor to the 4.5 trillion cigarette butts that enter the environment every year. After struggling to find a practical use for the discarded butts, Chinese scientists have identified one benefit to recycling them – anti-corrosion. With this many smokers, deaths related to smoking in China are high but so is the problem of cigarettes butts and what to do with them. Chinese researchers believe that they now have discovered a way of recycling cigarette butts that might just help the oil industry.

Fast forward a few years, and the “stop smoking” nag pack kicks in full force and makes smoking not only a health issue but a social issue that isolates and marginalizes those who toke a little nicotine now and then or on a regular basis. Yes. Smoking is bad for you. The Surgeon General of the United States makes that clear on every pack of cigarettes that any smoker buys. Health cost are tallied and touted, but if smokers die as early as noted, then the overall health care costs should balance out. That may not be a popular sentiment, but extended life spans do cost in terms of Social Security payments, health care costs, and assisted living maintenance.

Cigarette Butts Could be Used to Coat Steel Pipes

Tan Ee Lyn of Reuters reports in “China Scientists Find use for Cigarette Butts,” that a study conducted by Chinese researchers, appears to show that nine chemicals identified from cigarette butts, including nicotine, protected steel from rusting. The article posted on NewsDaily, states that the corrosion of steel pipes in the oil industry, costs oil companies millions of dollars per year in replacement or repair.

Researchers used a specific type of steel called N80 that is chiefly used for oil well casing and tubing. The N80 type of steel resisted corrosion – even under harsh conditions, after it was smeared with a nine chemical compound that scientists had extracted from cigarette butts soaked in water. The research is published in the journal Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research.

Guy D. Davis, a materials consultant based in Baltimore, Maryland told Gillian Wong of the Associated Press that “Tobacco seems to be one of the best plant-based inhibitors” but it has limitations. Over a period of time, tobacco feeds mold and “Develops an obnoxious odor,” added Davis.

NYS bans E-cigs

NYS bans E-cigs

The NYS assembly voted to ban electronic cigarettes. The vote was 125-0 in favor of the ban. The bill will now be voted on by the health committee and then moved up to the senate, then to the governor’s desk(call him). Electronic cigarette users are highly concerned with the New York State assembly’s motives on why they are banning this safer, more innovative alternative to traditional smoking. Especially considering that many users sent in emails and called into the assembly in opposition of the bill. There is also ability to view the open legislation online on a .gov legislation website.

There was many comments left by e-cigarette users who were not in favor of the bill. After watching a live video of the vote. It seemed that there was no opposition to the bill, and not one assembly men or women voiced the concerns of the people they are supposed to be representing. The comments of many citizens were ignored by the assembly and the bill was passed anyway. I even personally wrote my representatives with my concerns and I did not see any of these topics I was concerned with, discussed by my representative at all. Something seems to have kept everyone silent and unanimous in this matter.

The people are saying that Linda Rosenthal, who is the sponsor of this bill, is highly misinformed regarding this industry and her motives are questioned by citizens and voters throughout the state. It does not look like she will be a very popular candidate for the smoking community in the upcoming election, along with Matthew Titone who threw his “Protect the Children” spin into the debate as he claimed his 11 year old daughter has the ability to buy electronic cigarettes in malls, which is very improbable, and his claim is also lacking proof of any sort.

You’re Using the Wrong Nicotine Level

You’re Using the Wrong Nicotine Level

I’ve heard too many people say things like, “It’s just not the same as tobacco” or “It doesn’t pack the same punch.” Well, this is probably because you’re not at the right nicotine level! If you used to smoke a pack a day and you start off with the lowest nicotine level, of course you’re not going to feel like it’s comparable.

My suggestion to you is that you try out the nicotine level that you think is right. If you find yourself asking “Do Electronic Cigarettes Work?” than you probably need to up the nicotine level. All the brands that we support will have at least 4 different nicotine levels, ranging from 4mg to 32mg. It all comes down to your personal choice.

You’re Not Inhaling Enough

If you find that your electronic cigarette isn’t working, than it could be that you’re not inhaling enough. Think about it, with your tobacco cigarettes you would choke down the entire cigarette in one sitting. But with e-cigarettes, you’re sitting indoors and you sometimes forget it’s sitting there. You don’t end up taking near the amount of puffs that you would with one tobacco cigarette. So puff on your e-cigarette more! Go outside and smoke like you’re smoking a tobacco cigarette, puff after puff after puff. You’ll soon find that you are answering YES to the question “Do Electronic Cigarettes Work?”

You Don’t Believe in Answering Yes to “Do Electronic Cigarettes Work?”

This is the strangest reason you may not think it’s working, but you may just not believe! You have to believe that electronic cigarettes do work or else you’ll convince yourself that they don’t. Just because they aren’t tobacco cigarettes doesn’t mean they can’t achieve the same effect or give you the nicotine you need.

V2 Cig safe

V2 Cig safe

The vapor from the Safe Cig was one of the best in the industry, which is really good considering it’s a micro electronic cigarette. However, I couldn’t give it a 10/10 because a few products on the market, like V2 Cigs or Smokeless Image, certainly produce more vapor. But the Safe Cig is more convenient and creative than those products and it all comes down to personal preference.

I was never disappointed by the amount of vapor coming from The Safe Cig, and I don’t think I ever will be. It’s the little e-cigarette that could and it combines fashion with performance to make one of the best e-cigarettes on the market.

Battery Life 10/10

These batteries will last long enough for an entire night out on the town. They are some of the smallest batteries you’ll find, but this just means that they are both convenient! When you add this convenience to the fact that they seem to last forever, you have one of the best batteries on the market.

The fact that the carrying case charges the batteries and holds a USB charger at the same time makes this one of the best e-cigs in terms of batteries. You will never run out of a battery charge with this convenient design. All you need to do is grab your Safe Cig pack before you go out for the night and you won’t have to worry about running out of battery.

Flavor Cartridges 10/10

I’ve seen other Safe Cig reviews that don’t talk about the flavor cartridge options that they offer. This is a shame! Safe Cig’s flavor cartridges are some of the best on the market. They recently had a quality engineer come in and design a new-age cartridge that is supposed to produce the most vapor and preserve the taste at the same time. I was skeptical when I heard these claims, until I tried some of the cartridges myself. Whoever that engineer is, he deserves a pat on the back. Their flavors taste great and there is no shortage of vapor coming out of my Safe Cig!

Accessories 8/10

Safe Cigs doesn’t have the amount of accessories that some brands have, but what they do have in quality makes up for their lack in quantity. I’m talking about their BLINK cases. They have these cases in a bunch of different color options, and they’re sweet. They charge your battery as well as hold extra cartridges, plus they just look really nice.

The Safe Cig Review Summary

Safe Cig is a great brand that I would recommend to anyone. If you like convenience and style, than Safe Cigs is literally perfect for you. The case is awesome, the e-cigarette itself is gorgeous and the whole set-up just works. Add in the newly engineered flavor cartridges and you have an e-cigarette brand that you can’t go wrong with.

I buy The Safe Cig products for all of my friends and family. It may not be the most “super-powered” e-cigarette on the market, but my Safe Cig review doesn’t lie. It’s convenient, it’s worth its weight in gold and it will get the job done for a great price.