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Numerous of the standard cigarette smokers are today going with smokeless Electronic Cigarette Brands similar to vaporizers. Although it is not quite a change yet, the benefits of vapor cigarettes are sinking-in slowly amongst smokers. The main factor for dependence to smoking cigarettes is the abnormal levels of nicotine in it. While this does have a pleasant side to it, the hazardous after results are as well big to neglect.

Typical vamp impacts the human health irreversibly and removing this obsession is a tough job for lots of people into the practice. Smokeless smokeless cigarettes are a near god-sent for people who wish to free themselves of tobacco. These are extremely less dangerous when as compared to conventional cigarette smoking generally since they do not have flame, tar, health hazards, carbon monoxide gas and ash. These are the primary materials of conventional cigarettes and are known to induce numerous diseases; most of which are even not curable. Smokeless vapor cigarettes are on the otherhand quite protected and eco-friendly. They additionally do not include in the contamination and as a result are free from any kind of carbon impacts. This assists you appreciate your digital fag without any sense of guilt concerning the environment around you. These are the concept reasons behind the development and appeal of smokeless smokeless cigarettes.

Chinese Smokers Consume One Third of the World’s Cigarettes

China leads the way not only in their mass bitcoin mining worldwide but in smoking rates as well. With an estimated 300 million smokers and is the leading producer of cigarettes. Dr Dongfeng Gu of Fu Wai Hospital in Beijing, China, told Heartwire’s Lisa Nainggolan that, “The prevalence of tobacco smoking has been continuously high in adult men (around 60%).”

China is the world’s largest smoking nation and a large contributor to the 4.5 trillion cigarette butts that enter the environment every year. After struggling to find a practical use for the discarded butts, Chinese scientists have identified one benefit to recycling them – anti-corrosion. With this many smokers, deaths related to smoking in China are high but so is the problem of cigarettes butts and what to do with them. Chinese researchers believe that they now have discovered a way of recycling cigarette butts that might just help the oil industry.

Fast forward a few years, and the “stop smoking” nag pack kicks in full force and makes smoking not only a health issue but a social issue that isolates and marginalizes those who toke a little nicotine now and then or on a regular basis. Yes. Smoking is bad for you. The Surgeon General of the United States makes that clear on every pack of cigarettes that any smoker buys. Health cost are tallied and touted, but if smokers die as early as noted, then the overall health care costs should balance out. That may not be a popular sentiment, but extended life spans do cost in terms of Social Security payments, health care costs, and assisted living maintenance.

Cigarette Smoking Kills in Several Ways as Butts are Toxic Too

Thinking that cigarette butts are biodegradable is a myth. The paper and the tobacco in a cigarette are biodegradable but the cellulose acetate filters are not. Cigarette butts impact both children and animal life. Is there finally a way to recycle them for good use?

Cigarette Butts are Environmental Hazards

According to geologist Michael Reilly, cigarette butts have been found to be toxic to both freshwater and saltwater fish. In a Nov. Discovery News article, “Cigarette Butts Toxic to Fish,” just a small amount of tobacco (not burned), that has been soaking for a day in one liter of water, produces enough toxins to kill 50% of the fish swimming in it. News.discovery.com.

Cigarette butts are also toxic to children. A study published in the Pediatrics journal showed that almost 14,000 children experienced some form of nicotine poisoning between 2014-2016. Of the 13,705 reported cases of nicotine poisoning, 10,600 were caused by cigarettes or filter tips with 70% of incidents occurring in kids less than 12 months old.

Cigarette Butts Could be Used to Coat Steel Pipes

Tan Ee Lyn of Reuters reports in “China Scientists Find use for Cigarette Butts,” that a study conducted by Chinese researchers, appears to show that nine chemicals identified from cigarette butts, including nicotine, protected steel from rusting. The article posted on NewsDaily, states that the corrosion of steel pipes in the oil industry, costs oil companies millions of dollars per year in replacement or repair. Newsdaily.com.

Researchers used a specific type of steel called N80 that is chiefly used for oil well casing and tubing. The N80 type of steel resisted corrosion – even under harsh conditions, after it was smeared with a nine chemical compound that scientists had extracted from cigarette butts soaked in water. The research is published in the journal Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research.

Guy D. Davis, a materials consultant based in Baltimore, Maryland told Gillian Wong of the Associated Press that “Tobacco seems to be one of the best plant-based inhibitors” but it has limitations. Over a period of time, tobacco feeds mold and “Develops an obnoxious odor,” added Davis.

Cuban cigar the way it is meant to be lit

Cuban cigar the way it is meant to be lit

You may think that lighting a Cuban cigar could be as easy as it sounds, but you would be thinking wrong. It is true that anybody can light a Cuban cigar, but to light it in a way that preserves its flavor is a tricky business and may require knowing a thing or two about the process. Smokers who enjoy every Cuban cigar that they smoke should follow these tips to better enjoy their experience.

Before you light your Cuban cigar, you should heat its “foot” or end for sometimes. As you keep heating it slowly on a fire, you will see that a black ring is forming on the foot. You must make sure that the Cuban cigar does not contact the fire at any point of time; the fire should just be close enough to warm the Cuban cigar until the black ring formation on the end is complete.

Wooden matches should be used to light a Cuban cigar and cedar matches are ideal for lighting the Cuban cigar as they do not meddle with the aroma when you use them. Although cedar matches would be perfect, you can also use a lighter if you must, to light your smoke. If you must use a lighter, make sure that it is butane lighter at least, because butane lighters do not leave any strong smell when you light your Cuban cigar with it. This makes sure that you do not lose out on the unadulterated flavor of the Cuban cigar.


Cigar rotation is key

Cigar rotation is key

Now that you have prepared your Cuban cigar well enough to be lit, you must actually light it and this is a tricky business as well. The Cuban cigar must be in your mouth as you light the wooden match or the butane lighter, but it should not touch the actual fire at any time. When the Cuban cigar is at an inch or less from the fire, start to draw in calmly. With you drawing in from so close to the flame, the Cuban cigar should light up soon, but now you must rotate it. The rotation is necessary to make sure that the Cuban cigar catches the fire equally throughout.

Although you will rotate the Cuban cigar to make sure the burn is even, there is a chance that the burn may not still be even. After you have lit your Cuban cigar, take a look at it to ensure this. If you find the Cuban cigar to have unlit portions, blow on the lit part of the Cuban cigar a few times to evenly distribute the fire. Take a few puffs from the Cuban cigar now to complete the lighting procedure evenly and adequately.

These instructions are simple to follow and apply, but once applied and followed carefully, you will find your Cuban cigar smoking experience to be quite different from the other days cigar smoking and the difference will be in all likeliness will be a better one if not memorable.

Gary Cigaros is an author writing about cigar related topics, and you are invited to visit his website covering number of aspects about Cuban cigars & cigar lighters.

Cigar Cutters

Cigar Cutters

The cigar smoking culture has been embedded in the American culture for over hundreds of years. If smoking a cigar is such an important event, then the accessories that help achieve it should be held with the same reverence. Cigar smoking accessories are important in the cigar smoking experience as they can affect the quality of the cigars and, as an aftereffect, the flavor and aroma of each cigar. One of the most important cigar accessories that one should always have is the cigar cutter.

A cigar cutter provides you a good, clean and smooth cigar cap each and every time; this is important because, if your cigar cut is not clean nor is it neat, then the flavor and the aroma of your cigar will be affected and your experience will be ruined. Not properly cutting a cigar with a quality cigar cutter and having a bad experience can have you missing out on one of the best and most relaxing hobbies in life.

Cigar cutters are available on the internet and local cigar shops. Cigar cutters are available in different designs and colors and, in some cases, they can be also be personalized to fit you. There are also cigar cutters that are multifunctional; some of them are key-chains and some of them come with cigar lighters too. There is a huge selection of brands and types of cigar cutters which can have the novice cigar smoker a bit confused as to which one to pick.

Whatever kind of cigar cutter you end up buying, what is important is that they perform well. Your cigar cutter needs to be able to cleanly cut your cigars. There are three types of cuts these different kinds of cigar cutters provide. They are the V Cut, the Hole Punch and the Straight Cut. This is where your personal choice lies, as the kind of cigar cutter you choose will depend on the kind of cut you want to have on your cigars. Keep in mind that the most common kind of cigar cutter available is the straight cutter.

Straight cuts come from guillotines which can have either a single or double blades. The double bladed guillotines are much more efficient as they provide cleaner and smoother cuts on the cigar. These are also the most convenient to carry around and it is also the cheapest kind of cigar cutters.

Tobacco Chemicals

Tobacco Chemicals

As you know, smoking tobacco is one of the worst things you can do to your body. Did you know that 1 tobacco cigarette has over 4,000 different types of chemicals? Maybe that is the reason why there is a rumor that says every time you smoke a cigarette you lose 7 years of your life, who knows? The electronic cigarette is smoke free and helps cure your nicotine cravings without having to inhale all the carcinogens, tar and carbon monoxide.

Then there are the electronic cigarette cost-saving benefits too. Since the packs of tobacco cigarettes taxes have been on the rise you do now paying from $5.00 to $6.00 and sometimes more per pack of cigarettes. Cartons of cigarettes cost in the range of $40.00 to $50.00.

But a pack of electronic cigarette cartridges/refills come in packs of 5 and last as long as a carton of regular cigarettes do.  You can choose nicotine levels from high, medium, low, and NO nicotine for your cartridges.  And a pack of cartridges/refills only cost about $12-15 for the pack of five.

Basically, switching to electronic cigarettes can save you over 50% of what you currently spend on tobacco cigarettes.

There are many more benefits to ecigarettes than we can discus within the scope of this article.  But if you are a smoker and want a less stressful, far more successful way to quit smoking, you may want to get yourself an electronic cigarette and give it a go.  Ecigarette starter kits are quite affordable – starting at around $40 up to around $150 for a kit for two people.

Electronic cigarette use sweeps the US

Electronic cigarette use sweeps the US

Hardly ever does a product came along that has caused such a stir of excitement especially among tobacco smokers. Even among non smokers there has been a lot of interest in the product because so many of them are married to smokers or have other loved ones that smoke. They are just as excited about a product that could take away some of the more deadly aspects of smoking simply by switching to inhaling a solution that is not lit with fire and has no tobacco.

Most people realize by now that the device is a nicotine delivery device and it does not cure a nicotine addiction or the habit of inhaling something, but it does offer a cleaner and better way of doing it.

Even though the FDA is dragging its feet on publishing it’s own findings on this nicotine delivery device, many smokers already believe that electronic cigarettes should be approved and the sooner the better.

They love the fact that it does not have to be burned and that no carcinogenic smoke or tar is produced to annoy themselves or others. They like the fact that it is odorless and does not leave a lingering stinky smell or residue like burning tobacco. They love the fact that there are not four thousand chemicals involved in producing the nicotine solution that is used in the device.

Electronic Cigarette That Fits Your Style

Electronic Cigarette That Fits Your Style

If you are not a flashy person in any way, then the electric cigarette that you choose to buy will most likely be the one that most resembles a traditional cigarette. It will have a white body with perhaps a brown or white filter portion that will not attract very much attention at all unless of course you are using it somewhere smoking is prohibited and then you might likely have to explain that you are vaping and not really smoking.

If you are a little more flashy sort of person, then you might be tempted to purchase a sleek black electric cigarette that sports a greater look of sophistication and style. This type of e cigarette will certainly make you more noticeable at parties or other places. These e cigarettes have the more elegant look of something that might have been seen in the twenties or thirties when smoking was all the rage and smokers used those long cigarette holders and fancy holding cases. Fancy storage cases are available for electric cigarettes as well and are the perfect accessory to complete you spiffy electric cigarette.

Then you have an electric cigarette that comes in a pen style. This is for the more discreet users that do not wish to display their electric cigarette use at all. It can be carried in your pocket and look completely innocent or it can be kept in a neat little case on your desk at your home or office and no one would ever know what it is. These days there is a terrible stigma attached to smoking and the electric cigarette might not yet be accepted by some people. So, if you are worried about having a reputation that could be misconstrued as being a smoker, then the pen style might be just the device for you.