A little controversy

A little controversy

This is a post I churned out recently after reading yet another ‘spin’ article about the evils of e-cigarettes. I thought I would repost here to give a sense of where I’m coming from with ecigs….I think these things are livesavers and I’m real concerned about the campaign to have them ‘outlawed’. I’ll post more later…

I have to wonder why there are so many articles about electronic cigarettes like this one popping up all over. I smoked tobacco cigs for 37 years and was definately suffering from their effects. I was aware, but did not care one way or another about e-cigarettes. I had tried to quit smoking many times using all the available aids – zyban, chantrix, gum, patches. I had lost both of my parents to smoking related deaths and had resigned myself to probably dying from the effects of my habit. Then I tried to sell my house and had trouble doing so because of the smoke smell. I decided to try e-cigarettes to be able to smoke in the house and not create any odor. I never planned on actually quitting cigarettes.

No one was more amazed then myself when I found that e-cigarettes were a perfectly adequate substitute for cigarettes – for a heavy smoker such as myself. Some of the ‘Mall’ brands of e-cigarettes that are sold in the kiosk’s might not be to much like a real cigarette. But a little research and experimentation with the many products available online quickly showed me that there are e-cigarettes that taste and act so much like regular cigarettes you can barely tell the difference! I decided to try and just smoke e-cigarettes and again, to my amazement found that it was VERY EASY to switch from a 37 year deadly tobacco habit to electronic cigarettes. I do not know for a fact that e-cigarettes are ‘healthier’ than regular cigarettes.

NYS bans E-cigs

NYS bans E-cigs

The NYS assembly voted to ban electronic cigarettes. The vote was 125-0 in favor of the ban. The bill will now be voted on by the health committee and then moved up to the senate, then to the governor’s desk(call him). Electronic cigarette users are highly concerned with the New York State assembly’s motives on why they are banning this safer, more innovative alternative to traditional smoking. Especially considering that many users sent in emails and called into the assembly in opposition of the bill. There is also ability to view the open legislation online on a .gov legislation website.

There was many comments left by e-cigarette users who were not in favor of the bill. After watching a live video of the vote. It seemed that there was no opposition to the bill, and not one assembly men or women voiced the concerns of the people they are supposed to be representing. The comments of many citizens were ignored by the assembly and the bill was passed anyway. I even personally wrote my representatives with my concerns and I did not see any of these topics I was concerned with, discussed by my representative at all. Something seems to have kept everyone silent and unanimous in this matter.

The people are saying that Linda Rosenthal, who is the sponsor of this bill, is highly misinformed regarding this industry and her motives are questioned by citizens and voters throughout the state. It does not look like she will be a very popular candidate for the smoking community in the upcoming election, along with Matthew Titone who threw his “Protect the Children” spin into the debate as he claimed his 11 year old daughter has the ability to buy electronic cigarettes in malls, which is very improbable, and his claim is also lacking proof of any sort.

You’re Using the Wrong Nicotine Level

You’re Using the Wrong Nicotine Level

I’ve heard too many people say things like, “It’s just not the same as tobacco” or “It doesn’t pack the same punch.” Well, this is probably because you’re not at the right nicotine level! If you used to smoke a pack a day and you start off with the lowest nicotine level, of course you’re not going to feel like it’s comparable.

My suggestion to you is that you try out the nicotine level that you think is right. If you find yourself asking “Do Electronic Cigarettes Work?” than you probably need to up the nicotine level. All the brands that we support will have at least 4 different nicotine levels, ranging from 4mg to 32mg. It all comes down to your personal choice.

You’re Not Inhaling Enough

If you find that your electronic cigarette isn’t working, than it could be that you’re not inhaling enough. Think about it, with your tobacco cigarettes you would choke down the entire cigarette in one sitting. But with e-cigarettes, you’re sitting indoors and you sometimes forget it’s sitting there. You don’t end up taking near the amount of puffs that you would with one tobacco cigarette. So puff on your e-cigarette more! Go outside and smoke like you’re smoking a tobacco cigarette, puff after puff after puff. You’ll soon find that you are answering YES to the question “Do Electronic Cigarettes Work?”

You Don’t Believe in Answering Yes to “Do Electronic Cigarettes Work?”

This is the strangest reason you may not think it’s working, but you may just not believe! You have to believe that electronic cigarettes do work or else you’ll convince yourself that they don’t. Just because they aren’t tobacco cigarettes doesn’t mean they can’t achieve the same effect or give you the nicotine you need.

Common Questions

Common Questions

I guess a big question that people have when they are considering switching to e-cigarettes is…do electronic cigarettes work? It’s a fair question! It’s hard to believe that something powered by batteries could replace the ‘ol plant matter on fire, but they can. They absolutely can. There are a few things to look at here, because a lot of people truly believe that electric cigarettes don’t work and can’t replace tobacco. For the people that believe that – you’re doing it wrong! And it’s okay that you’re doing it wrong, but let’s try to fix it.

The Brand You’re Using isn’t Very Good

There are a lot of crappy e-cigarette brands out there. Ecigs are a new invention, so obviously there are going to be a lot of startup companies that put out crappy products that they bought from overseas and resold. So if you’re using a brand like Gamucci or Smoke51, than you’re just not going to get great results.

I would recommend a brand like V2 Cigs, Smokeless Image or Safe Cigs. These brands offer e-cigarettes that really do work. Check out our best electric cigarette reviews for more information about these brands. They create huge clouds of vapor that slide back smoothly into your throat and satisfy you like those old tobacco cigarettes. They also have batteries that last a long time and won’t die out on you when you’re out on the town.

V2 Cig safe

V2 Cig safe

The vapor from the Safe Cig was one of the best in the industry, which is really good considering it’s a micro electronic cigarette. However, I couldn’t give it a 10/10 because a few products on the market, like V2 Cigs or Smokeless Image, certainly produce more vapor. But the Safe Cig is more convenient and creative than those products and it all comes down to personal preference.

I was never disappointed by the amount of vapor coming from The Safe Cig, and I don’t think I ever will be. It’s the little e-cigarette that could and it combines fashion with performance to make one of the best e-cigarettes on the market.

Battery Life 10/10

These batteries will last long enough for an entire night out on the town. They are some of the smallest batteries you’ll find, but this just means that they are both convenient! When you add this convenience to the fact that they seem to last forever, you have one of the best batteries on the market.

The fact that the carrying case charges the batteries and holds a USB charger at the same time makes this one of the best e-cigs in terms of batteries. You will never run out of a battery charge with this convenient design. All you need to do is grab your Safe Cig pack before you go out for the night and you won’t have to worry about running out of battery.

Flavor Cartridges 10/10

I’ve seen other Safe Cig reviews that don’t talk about the flavor cartridge options that they offer. This is a shame! Safe Cig’s flavor cartridges are some of the best on the market. They recently had a quality engineer come in and design a new-age cartridge that is supposed to produce the most vapor and preserve the taste at the same time. I was skeptical when I heard these claims, until I tried some of the cartridges myself. Whoever that engineer is, he deserves a pat on the back. Their flavors taste great and there is no shortage of vapor coming out of my Safe Cig!

Accessories 8/10

Safe Cigs doesn’t have the amount of accessories that some brands have, but what they do have in quality makes up for their lack in quantity. I’m talking about their BLINK cases. They have these cases in a bunch of different color options, and they’re sweet. They charge your battery as well as hold extra cartridges, plus they just look really nice.

The Safe Cig Review Summary

Safe Cig is a great brand that I would recommend to anyone. If you like convenience and style, than Safe Cigs is literally perfect for you. The case is awesome, the e-cigarette itself is gorgeous and the whole set-up just works. Add in the newly engineered flavor cartridges and you have an e-cigarette brand that you can’t go wrong with.

I buy The Safe Cig products for all of my friends and family. It may not be the most “super-powered” e-cigarette on the market, but my Safe Cig review doesn’t lie. It’s convenient, it’s worth its weight in gold and it will get the job done for a great price.

The Safe Cig

The Safe Cig

The Safe Cig is my favorite up-and-coming electronic cigarette brand, so I figured I would write a full The Safe Cig review. They have an innovative and creative style that makes their product a lot of fun to use. They recently released their Safe Cig Micro electronic cigarette and it is unlike any e-cig I’ve ever seen. See the video below for an idea of what I’m talking about.

This thing is awesome! The pack looks like a more colorful tobacco cigarette pack and it holds the e-cigarette battery along with multiple flavor cartridges. The fact that you can carry around a few batteries and a bunch of flavor cartridges makes it extremely convenient. But the fact that this pack charges your battery on-the-go makes it the MOST convenient e-cigarette on the market. Not only that, but the bottom of the kit opens up from the side to reveal a USB charger! You can charge anywhere on the go with a charger that fits right into the carrying case. This Safe Cig Micro Electronic Cigarette kits are purely awesome and I recommend them to any person interested in e-cigarettes.

My senses returned

My senses returned

I do know for a fact that my lungs and breathing, which was always labored and congested, cleared up completely. My sense of smell returned. I’m not getting sick with respiratory and sinus infections any more. Most importantly, I feel that my death sentence has been lifted from me. In my opinion, and my opinion alone, I feel that I’m in nowhere near the danger of developing a fatal condition as I was when I was smoking cigarettes. And I never planned on any of this. Thirty-Seven years smoking up to 2 packs of cigarettes a day. How dare you keep spewing out the same tired, one-sided, narrow-minded, biased, poorly researched and extremely limited point of view articles such as this.

There are literally tens of millions of people just like myself that would gladly give up cigarettes for an acceptable alternative. Instead of trying to take an open minded view towards a technology that has the potential to save millions upon millions of lives, the goverment, the FDA and antismoking crusaders have all banded together in an attempt to outlaw electronic cigarettes. And what will be offered to help smokers reduce the harm caused by their tobacco habits? Well, tobacco of course! The FDA has no plans to stop the sale of regular tobacco cigarettes, which are highly taxed and very profitable to the

The FDA has no plans to stop the sale of regular tobacco cigarettes, which are highly taxed and very profitable to the goverment, tobacco and pharmaceutical industries . Tobacco companies will package and sell their product, the goverment will allow it while putting their official stamp of approval on every pack of cigarettes sold and the pharmaceutical companies will continue to churn out very expensive, low succes rate ‘smoking cessation’ products. It’s the gravy train don’t you know? It has been quite an education in POLITICS for me this past 6 months as I have learned, from actual in depth research and study, about the many different aspects of this issue.